Usher Backtracks on Chris Brown Diss

    Chris Brown, Usher Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

    A detailed, heartfelt apology has finally been issued in the Chris Brown-Rihanna incident. Just not from the person you may expect.

    Usher is backtracking on an apparently egregious comment he made earlier this week about Brown, suggesting the "Run It" singer spend a little more time showing "a little bit of remorse" and a little less time jet-skiing around Miami Beach following his arrest for allegedly roughing up Rihanna.

    The seemingly common-sense critique was made during a Monday recording of Jermaine Dupri's Living the Life YouTube series, a clip of which was hastily removed from the video site once word of its contents broke.

    "The comments made during a recent recording session amongst friends were taken out of context and blown out of proportion," Usher said in a statement released today.

    Bros before...well, Rihanna, apparently.

    "I apologize on behalf of myself and my friends if anyone was offended. The intentions were not to pass judgment and we meant no harm. I respect and wish the best for all parties involved."

    Usher made the comments after viewing paparazzi shots of Brown taken during his reconciliation weekend with the "Disturbia" songbird. The duo was holed up in Sean "Diddy" Combs' Star Island mansion, and while Rihanna opted not to emerge from the property, Brown kept publicly busy by riding around on a Jet Ski and logging time in the recording studio.

    "I'm a little disappointed in this photo. After the other photo?" Usher said, referencing the leaked shot police took of a bruised Rihanna. "C'mon, Chris. Have a little bit of remorse, man. The man's on Jet Skis? Like, just relaxing in Miami?"

    The reunited Brown and Rihanna boarded a private plane Sunday night and are back in Los Angeles, staying together in a hotel.

    Should the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office's case against Brown proceed as planned, the R&B star could be arraigned on charges as soon as tomorrow.

    (Originally published March 4, 2009 at 9:55 a.m. PT.)