Michael Lohan, Courtenay Semel

Jemal Countess/Getty Images, John Shearer/Getty Images

Holy awkward for Lindsay Lohan!

Her gossiping dad and supposed girl-fling from the past met up last weekend, dining at the (almost) secluded Beverly Hills Hotel. Courtney Semel, Tila Tequila's ex, and Michael Lohan didn't arrive at the same time, but the two met up and were talking "very intensely and privately" as they ate overpriced grub together, blabbed a fellow diner.

Michael, dressed like a Midwestern out of towner in high jeans and a rust-colored tee, seemed to be grilling Court, who kept her sunglasses on the entire time the two ate a not-so-joyful-looking lunch.

"There was no laughing and no smiling," dished an onlooker who added that the two semi-famous folk looked superserious the whole time.

Jeez, what on earth do these two fame whores have in common to be chatting about over appetizers? If it's anything other than how the hell to haul Lohan back into rehab pronto, I will be majorly piss-assed. Of course, let's just get it over with and say I'm mad as hell right now, 'cause we all know the chat must have been over some sleazy reality appearance. Right, Mike?

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