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    Bruce Willis Fighting Mad Over "Ridiculous" Lawsuit

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    UPDATE: On Aug. 17, 2010, the production companies dropped their lawsuit against the action star. It's unclear whether or not the case was settled out of court.


    To put it in Bruce Willis' terms, the last boy scout thinks a lawsuit filed against him for "walking off the set" of a movie he was supposed to direct is just a bunch of pulp fiction, and he wants it to die hard.

    The A-lister is looking to get medieval on film company Foresight Unlimited for alleging he breached his contract when he left the production of Three Stories About Joan on Sept. 29 just as shooting was getting under way. Instead, Willis claims it was Foresight that violated the terms of the agreement and he now plans to file his own lawsuit.

    "It is nothing more than a ridiculous legal maneuver to deflect attention from the production companies' substantial liability, since they materially breached their contract with Bruce Willis," the actor's publicist, Samantha Mast, tells E! News.

    Calling the suit "frivolous and without merit," the rep says that Foresight and two other companies, Signature Entertainment Group and Three Stories Productions, did not pay members of the cast and crew. She also accuses them of failing to deposit Willis' fee in escrow as agreed upon.

    "After Mr. Willis threatened to sue the production companies, they responded with this baseless lawsuit," Mast adds. "Mr. Willis now intends to proceed with his multimillion-dollar affirmative claims, and is confident that he will prevail."

    The 54-year-old actor was due to be paid $196,404 for helming the indie flick starring Owen Wilson and Camilla Belle. But according to the complaint filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, he "abruptly and without notice terminated his services as director for personal reasons and walked off the set."

    Foresight is seeking more than $4 million in damages. No word yet when Willis will file his countersuit.



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