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    Jennifer Aniston Done Fighting the Divorce War

    Jennifer Aniston, Elle UK Courtesy of Carter Smith/ Elle

    Oh look, another Jennifer Aniston interview coming to us all the way from England. But before we get too far into the Elle U.K. profile, Jen has this little disclaimer:

    "No matter what I say, things will always be taken out of context and misinterpreted, will always be turned around to make it seem as though I won’t let something go, or that I just keep talking about it over and over."

    Duly noted. And now onto Brad Pitt anyway!

    "I don’t owe anybody anything. I don’t owe anybody my side of the story. There are no sides! There is no bad guy and there is no good guy. There are no villains and there is no heroine in this story. It’s just not the case."

    All right, so enough of that Team Aniston vs. Team Brangelina stuff in the comments and Oscar cutaways. Jen goes on to assure everyone she's very lucky and happy despite denying herself hamburgers:

    "I’m a realist," she says. "I know that if I eat nothing but burgers and chips, I’m not going to be hired for the parts I normally would. That might be fine one day, but not right now."

    She's got to keep it up so she can land her dream role as a Bond Girl and then another naked magazine cover to promote it.

    "I get offered funny, quirky, pretty roles. I’d love to do an action movie. James Bond! Glamour! Daniel Craig! S--tloads of fun!"

    And that is where we will leave Aniston for now—at a temporary standstill in the divorce war that will never end and daydreaming of killing people alongside Daniel Craig.