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Ruby Gettinger started sharing her personal battle with weight in a documentary-style series Ruby in 2008 after her doctor advised her, at over 500lbs, that she needed to make changes in her life or she wouldn't have much longer to live.

The show has gained an international following throughout its first season when Ruby began getting healthy without surgery or shortcuts. "I'm just so happy that I've had this opportunity," said Ruby.

The success of the show can also be attributed to her interaction with viewers online, "I just want to keep in contact with everybody because there's so many people on this journey with me.”

She explains that it's not only about the weight, "there are other people that are getting help for different addictions that they're telling me about so it's just been unbelievable."  Hearing stories from those who reach out to her through the show has in turn helped Ruby. "They say that I've been an inspiration but hearing their stories they're an inspiration to me.  They're doing it and we're all fighting the same battle. It may not be the same addiction, but we're all trying to beat our beasts."

Due to her size throughout her life, Ruby felt discrimination on many occasions and she knows she’s not alone. "One of the biggest messages I want to say and get out there is just to come out and live your life, do not let people stop you no matter who you are or how society tries to define you. Just don’t let them.”

Going forward Ruby will venture into territory that she admits is scary for her but is all a part of reclaiming her life. "There's going to be a lot that's different because it's all about a different person now, I'm just able to do more." 

The first season of Ruby will come to an end Tuesday, March 3rd on E! but her journey is far from over. "Even when I get down to my [goal] weight the biggest thing is that I want to be healthy the rest of my life."

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