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Siegfried & Roy's Reappearing Act

Siegfried, Roy, Montecore Curtis Dahl Photography

The magic was back—at least for one night.

Siegfried & Roy made their comeback with a star-studded charity performance Saturday night in Las Vegas with the very same tiger that ended their signature Sin City showcase five years ago.

Roy Horn and Siegfried Fischbacher took to a smoke-filled stage at the Bellagio hotel-casino and performed a single, eight-minute illusion that featured Montecore, the 380-pound Bengal tiger that mauled Horn while the pair performed at the MGM Mirage back in October 2003.

The illusionist suffered deep wounds to his neck, massive blood loss, a crushed windpipe and a minor stroke when their beloved pet dragged him offstage before a shocked crowd. Horn survived after two surgeries and extensive physical rehabilitation. Although the incident left him partially paralyzed with limited motor skills, doctors described his recovery as "miraculous."

Per the Las Vegas Sun, the duo gave a nod to that fateful night as the PA intoned, "Ladies and gentlemen, the spirit of Siegfried & Roy has arrived."

Horn then came out unaided, wearing black robes, a white shirt and a skeletal mask. After opening a silver lid that emitted flames, his partner of four-plus decades emerged, wearing white robes and a mask.

A cage containing the white tiger was rolled out and Fischbacher proceeded to cover it with white cloth. He then took his place in the middle of another cage also cloaked in white.

Roy then yanked a rope, lifting the curtains to reveal that Montecore and the magician had switched places, with Fischbacher in the tiger's cage.

Montecore was let out of his cage—without a leash—and laid down in front of the two performers.

The duo doffed their masks, waved and then blew kisses to the audience, who gave them a standing ovation.

Horn then came on the PA for some parting words: "Within all of us there is an illusive melody, which when heard and followed will lead you to the fulfillment of your fondest dreams."

The event was billed as the first—and last—time Siegfried & Roy would perform onstage since Horn suffered his near-fatal injuries.

In the wake of the incident, their popular show was immediately shut down as Fischbacher cared for Horn.

The special performance took place at the Bellagio resort and was attended by Danny Devito and wife Rhea Perlman, Hilary Duff, Kristin Davis and Teri Hatcher, who auctioned off a dinner at her L.A. residence prepared by Wolfgang Puck.

The gala benefitted the Cleveland Clinic's Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, which helped treat Horn.

ABC taped the performance as part of a one-hour 20/20 special set to air March 6.