Kim Zolciak, Real Housewives of Atlanta

BRAVO/Virginia Sherwood

Kim Zolciak-Biermann is having an image crisis—with the guy who used to be responsible for her image.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta hausfrau has been sued for breach of contract by her publicist, whom she is simultaneously trying to restrain via a court order.

Per, Zolciak has filed a request for a protective order against her former rep, Jonathan Jaxson, in which she accuses him of using the website to sabotage her. The brash blonde claims Jaxson changed the password and security settings so she couldn't access the site and then posted a litany of lies about her.

But according to Jaxson's camp, it's Zolciak who needs a lesson on how to play nice with others.

"Jaxson is in fear for his safety and has filed a police report with the Atlanta Police Department after threats were made concerning his well-being by Ms. Zolciak," a rep for Jaxson tells E! News.

Jaxson filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit against the aspiring country songstress Feb. 23 for $15,000 in back fees, claiming she had stopped paying his monthly retainer fee, thereby immediately voiding their contract.

And furthermore, Jaxson's rep says, he owns the website Zolciak has accused him of hijacking.

Zolciak could not immediately be reached for comment.


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