O.J. Simpson

AP Photo/John Locher

4:30 p.m.:  So, I've been walking around the green Emmys—eco-friendly enough for Al Gore and Fox chieftain Rupert Murdoch combined—and here's what I've seen:

  • A blood-red carpet, made of, we're assured, used plastic bottles. (Who knew old Dasani 12-ouncers made for such lush ground covering?)
  • A black Los Angeles Police Department bomb-squad truck, made of, I hope, something a little sturdier than used plastic bottles. 
  • Seven (recyclable?) cardboard pizza boxes, containing, the security guards confirmed, pizza.
  • One little green Prius amid an encampment of big, white TV trucks.
  • Three purple-hued, chandelier-like displays in the pressroom in place of the usual banks of energy-sucking fluorescent lights.
  • Blue recyclable trash containers next to the pressroom tables of, we're told, locally produced and/or organically grown food like, um, doughnut holes.
All in all, I'd have to say the show is, as billed, pretty green. I mean, seriously, organically grown doughnut holes? Who knew?

4:45 p.m.:  By the way, it's possible the Emmys has reduced its carbon footprint by about three sizes too many. When I arrived at the pressroom, my power strip was out of juice.

4:47 p.m.:  Out of juice...Wait, I get it. The power strip wasn't malfunctioning—it was doing a tie-in to the O.J. Simpson arrest. Clever.

—Filed by Joal Ryan

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