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Barbie Blank is in wedded bliss!

In an exclusive interview with E! News, WAGS star and newlywed dishes about her relationship with husband Sheldon Souray following their nuptials back in February. But unlike some of her co-stars, she doesn't believe she's moved up the ladder now that she has a ring on her finger.

"I've never really been one to be like, 'Oh, we're up here, you're down here.' Because at one point you started off as a girlfriend," she explains. "But some girls do. Like on the show, Sasha Gates and Autumn Ajirotutu, they do believe in the hierarchy. So you have different opinions, but I just like being a wife. I like calling Sheldon my husband. I love that we're married."

But in the midst of all that happiness, does she already have babies on the brain? Watch the clip above to find out her answer!

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