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WAGS Cast, Season 2


Welcome to the WAGS world!

When season two of E!'s hit show premieres, you'll notice a couple of ladies have joined the ranks alongside Natalie Halcro, Olivia Pierson, Barbie Blank, Nicole Williams, Autumn Ajirotutu and Sasha Gates. One is Olivia's little sister, Sophia Pierson, and the other is model Tia Shipman.

While the girls already have plenty of experience dating athletes, they exclusively explain to E! News that it was a totally different ballgame to open up their lives to the cameras and find their place within a tough group of strong-minded women!

"It's nothing like I expected at all," Sophia says. "You can't really be prepared for this, but it's been great. I've learned so much. You get to see a lot of ups and downs of my transformation."

WAGS, Sophia Pierson, Tia Shipman


Tia completely agrees, even though she had a much tougher time fitting in than Sophia early on. 

"I've learned so much in general because normally I'm used to being the girl that everyone likes right away," she says. "This time it was a different transition to kind of mix in with the group. At first, I was really nervous and really scared because it's one of those things where you have this clique that already has a bond. But once they got to know me and once I opened up a little bit, things started to change."

And if you loved the first of WAGS, gear up because the second season will be raunchier, wilder and crazier with more explosive fights, more partying and of course more nudity. For her part, Sophia wasn't afraid to strip down to her birthday suit or stand up to anyone.

WAGS, Sophia Pierson


"I did tons of embarrassing things and I don't regret it," she admits. "I think it's going to make great television! I'm not afraid to embarrass myself, so I'm excited to see. If I was somebody else, I probably wouldn't have danced on a stripper pole in Vegas or gotten naked, but I don't really care what anybody thinks. I have my family, I have my friends and that's all that matters."

In regards to the drama, she adds, "I wasn't really aware that we would be seeing each other so much. So I kind of thought like, 'Hey, I can give you a piece of my mind, and that's it. Bye.' But that didn't really happen and I wasn't really thinking to be honest. There definitely were some drinks involved and when you're filming so much you kind of forget the cameras are on you, so I just lashed out, and it was so intense in the heat of the moment."

WAGS, Tia Shipman


Tia is also eager for the show but for an entirely different reason—she wants to know exactly what the other WAGS say about her behind her back!

"It's actually very therapeutic for me because now I actually get to see what people think about me when I'm not around," she confesses. "You always wonder what people are thinking, but you don't really allow it to bother you so much because it's things you really can't control. In this instance, I'm really going to be able to see what people think about me and not just the people that I film with but the world in general. It's so much feedback, so I'm just curious to see what people think about me for sure. I'm interested in seeing that and I'm interested in seeing what I think about myself when I watch it."

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