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Happy Father's Day!

When it comes to celebrating their husbands and baby daddies, WAGS stars Barbie Blank, Autumn Ajirotutu and Sasha Gates know exactly how to make their men feel appreciated for being MVP dads all year long—because they definitely deserve it!

The ladies exclusively shared with E! News the sweet ways they plan to commemorate today's holiday with their families and thoroughly spoil their athletes. Keep reading to get the special details and hopefully find a little last-minute inspiration!

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For her hubby, NFL wide receiver Seyi Ajirotutu, Autumn came up with a unique idea to do a "dad photo shoot" with her twin daughters.

"Have the kids dress up in what dad would wear and take pictures," she explains. "Examples include work attire, like football jersey or suit and briefcase, workout outfit, casual outfit, what dad would wear to a sports game and what dad looks like in PJs. Write a special message in each picture and make it into a coffee table or office book!"

Autumn also recommends:

- A watch

- Something handmade

- Chore coupons. "Take the load off of dad," she says. "Whatever the tasks are for dad to do around the house, get creative and make a cute coupon book."

- Sports clothing or memorabilia

- Sports tickets to his favorite team. She adds, "Just the kids. Sorry, Mom!"

- Foot massager from Brookstone

- Spa day or golf day

- "Allow the kids to be apart of cooking every meal in the day for Dad—breakfast, lunch and dinner," Autumn suggests. "Mom, make a special dessert after the kids go to sleep, if you know what I mean!"

- A massage

- A Father's Day barbecue full of food, booze and friends

- Picnic or beach day "dadcation"

- "Start your own family tradition," she says. "Whatever is important to Dad make it happen every year and the same time and place and take a picture!"

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Barbie is also prepared to make this day a memorable one for her hubby, retired NHL player Sheldon Souray, with his favorite hobbies.

"My husband loves to golf so I would definitely take him to play a fun round of golf at a nice course!" she reveals. "My husband loves wine, so I would take him to some wine tastings and make a fun day out of it. This is our first year of marriage so I plan to make this Father's Day a very special one. I may have just named what my plan, but I don't want to spoil the surprise!"

She suggests, "You could take him out to his favorite restaurant and pick up the tab, or you could cook him a nice romantic dinner in the wardrobe of his choosing!" Barbie also adds, "Take him to a nice hotel and spa and get couples massages, facials and just make him feel pampered."

Her are few more of her recommendations:

- A nice card with nice bottle of wine

- A round of golf with him and a few friends

- A puttskee (golf and skeeball game in one)

- A Kegerator for your home ("What man doesn't want one of those?")

5. Amazon Echo

WAGs, Cast

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Sasha is really into the romantic ideas to make her man, NFL tight end Antonio Gates, feel pampered and spoiled.

"Hire a chef to make a dining experience in your home for just the two of you," she suggests. "It's like having a restaurant in your home. When I did it for him, I rented a special table with candles and gold cutlery. It's very thoughtful and romantic!"

She also recommends, "Give him a massage, facial, pedicure from you, bake him a cake, give him a lingerie show or take him on a gondola boat ride for two. They do these all over and they are so much fun!"

And when it comes to gifts, Sasha likes to keep it simple and sentimental with these ideas.

"Write him a song and record it or write a love letter," she adds, adding, "Take him to brunch at a nice restaurant, make a photo collage of all his kids, get a family photo with him and his kids painted professionally or make an edited video of his kids expressing how much he means to them. He'll have it forever!"

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