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"There's gonna be trouble."

WAGS season two premieres on June 26 and in this just-released supertease, the cast is turning up the heat!

From stripping down naked to throwing punches, this season is filled with OMG moments that you don't want to miss.

In the supertease above, we see a sneak peek of all the drama coming up this season and it looks like it's the wives vs. the girlfriends.

During an explosive argument, Autumn Ajirotutu tells Natalie Halcro, "Your f--king ignorant."

Natalie's response? "Cheers bitch."

But the fighting doesn't end there!

Later on in the video Natalie tells the wives, "You guys don't like us so admit it."

"I don't give a f--k," Autumn tells her.

That's when Natalie's cousin and Olivia Pierson's sister, Sophia Pierson, steps in and flips the bird at Autumn.

"Know your motherf--king place you stupid c--t," Autumn tells Sophia.


Take a look at the supertease above to see all the drama (and nudity!) you can expect on WAGS season two!

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