What will the staff think?

Joanna Coles is about to make a "big announcement" to her staff at Cosmopolitan magazine, but she's worried how they'll react on next Wednesday's So Cosmo premiere.

"I have a pretty big announcement to make and the only two people that know about it are my assistant Heather [Passaro] and my chief of staff, Holly Whidden," Coles says in the exclusive clip above. "I am a little unsettled to make this announcement because I'm not sure how the staff are going to react."

Joanna Coles, So Cosmo, So Cosmo 101


Coles continues, "I love my staff at Cosmo, I feel very responsible for them and I'm anxious they will either feel I've betrayed them or that they will feel anxious about their future at Cosmo." 

Take a look at the clip above to see Coles talk more about her staff and then watch the series premiere of So Cosmo next Wednesday to find out what Coles' big announcement is!

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