Secrets are being revealed…

In this clip from Sunday's all-new episode of #RichKids of Beverly HillsDorothy Wang meets up with Bianca Espada for the first time since their Vegas showdown, and Bianca blames their entire argument on one person: Morgan Stewart.

"The only reason that we're having this conversation right now is because Morgan put s--t into your head to fight with me so I wouldn't fight with her," Bianca says.

"That's not true," Dorothy counters. "Morgan is not scared of you."

"To be honest with you, at this point about Morgan and the things that she's said about you—just thinking about it is really f--ked up," Bianca replies. "I never attack someone about what they look like or what they're wearing or this and that. It's petty." 

Then, Bianca tells Dorothy that Morgan has allegedly been calling her a nasty name behind her back to everyone. Watch the clip above to see Dorothy's surprised reaction!

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