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Happy Birthday, Kanye West!

Kanye turns 39 today, and in celebration of his special day we wanted to show off some of his most LOL-worthy moments on Snapchat.

While Kanye himself doesn't have a Snapchat account, his wife Kim Kardashian does and he often makes appearances in her posts.

Remember that time Kim posted a video of Kanye dancing and singing along to Justin Bieber in the car? What about when Kanye dressed up in an Easter bunny costume?

Kanye's had so many hilarious moments on Kim's Snapchat that we had to share them with you!

So show Kanye some birthday love and take a look at his most LOL-worthy Snapchat moments below!

1. When he was dancing like crazy in the car with Kim.

2. When he couldn't help but dance and sing to "What Do You Mean?"

3. More dancing, we love it!

4. Kim capturing the best Kanye moments.

5. Kanye singing along to Kanye.

6. "The old Kanyes"

7. Kanye breaking it down at the Justin Bieber concert.

8. He really loves to dance to the Biebs.

9. He also really loves this song. LOL.

10. When he dressed up in an Easter bunny costume. Priceless.

11. When Kim tried to lick his face.

12. It's Pablo's turn.

13. THIS.

14. When Kim caught Kanye sleeping.

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