Apparently, someone needs to step up their shoe game.

In this clip from tonight's Famously Single series premiere, the romantically-challenged celebrities hit a Hollywood club to mix and mingle and hopefully meet potential dates. But the fun quickly turns sour when a man starts chatting up Brandi Glanville in their VIP area and Pauly D takes offense with his attire.

"Yo, you can't wear a pink shirt and come into our VIP!" Pauly tells him. Then, he notices his footwear…

"What are thooose? What are thooose? What are thooooose?" Pauly repeatedly asks, much to the poor guy's embarrassment. "If I see a 'what are those,' I can't hold it in," the DJ simply explains.

While Somaya Reece thinks the situation is hilarious, Brandi is not amused by Pauly's behavior. Watch the clip to see her reaction!

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