Pauly D didn't exactly make the best first impression on girlfriend Aubrey O'Day!

In this revealing clip from tomorrow night's Famously Single series premiere, we see the current couple meet after moving into the house when relationship expert Dr. Darcy Sterling challenges the celebrities with a speed dating exercise. Right from the jump, Aubrey puts the DJ on the spot by asking about his sexual history since his previous relationship.

"How many girls have you slept with since then?" she asks. When he's silent, she prods, "Can you give me a rough estimate?"

Aubrey O'Day, Famously Single 101


"Oh, man," Pauly responds. "There are a lot of auditions to find the right one. I haven't found her yet."

That's when Aubrey decides he's not the man for her. "Pauly's the complete opposite of anyone I've ever dated," she says. "There isn't a lot of substance there and, honestly, I'm not interested." Ouch!

Watch the video above to see their awkward introduction!

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