Work, work, work, work, work, work!

Jessie James Decker was all about bringing home the bacon in Wednesday night's all-new episode of Eric & Jessie.

After scouting locations for her upcoming Kittenish photo shoot, the country songstress jetted off to Las Vegas with her sister, Sydney Rae Bass, and best friend, Jessica Payne, to host the 2017 Billboard Music Awards red carpet.

"Babe, you know what? I am going to be vegan for the next 10 days," she told hubby Eric Decker. "Get it? No meat!"

Meanwhile, while the wife was away and the kids were with their grandparents, the NFL star was back at home in New Jersey training for the upcoming football season and trying to keep himself busy.

"When I'm home by myself, it sounds like a great idea. But after about 30 minutes or an hour of it, I have no idea what to do," Eric admitted. Aww!

Catch up on what happened in this week's episode with the recap video above!

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