Just call him cupid!

In this sneak peek from Wednesday's all-new episode of EJNYC, EJ Johnson teams up with his friend Sanaz Panahi to host a matchmaking party for his New York entourage to hopefully meet some hot, sexy men.

"It's very proper that we get there ahead of time to look at the inventory," EJ says. "We also get first dibs. First come, first serve."

EJ then takes the lead and matches up all of his pals with their potential suitors—because he obviously knows what they need.

"Each member of the group gets their own bottle and their own little table," EJ explains. "Then I wanted to, you know, just put a D in every seat." LOL!

"You get a D! You get a D! Everyone gets a D!" EJ exclaims, while doing his best Oprah Winfrey impression.

But why is there a whip at one of the tables? Watch the clip above to find out!

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