Sibling drama!

On the series premiere of EJNYC, we meet EJ Johnson's sister, Elisa Johnson. Elisa currently lives in NYC where EJ is moving and it sounds like the two have some tension between them.

While at EJ's going away party in LA, Elisa talks to #RichKids of Beverly Hills stars Jonny Drubel and Brendan Fitzpatrick about her boyfriend, Anthony.

"I met my man that I'm dating now in France," Elisa reveals.

"There's a man?" Jonny asks. "Is he sexy?"

"Yes he's fine," Elisa tells him.

But EJ doesn't agree and tells everyone, "He's a loser."

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EJ then reveals, "I met Anthony over the summer when I was vacationing in the South of France. We flirted, made plans to hook up and after that I started to notice that he was talking a lot with Elisa in the corner. And then the man who led me on is now like hooking up with my sister and I'm supposed to be OK with it."

Take a look at the clip above to see EJ and Elisa talk about Anthony!

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