Miley Cyrus

Jeff Vespa/MC/

Miley Cyrus decided to start her 18th birthday celebration a little bit early by going out dancing after the American Music Awards. Apparently Miley likes to consider November her "birthday month" and forces everyone to acknowledge her birthday for a good 30 days. I find it incredibly annoying when people do that; you weren't born on more than one day so you don't get to celebrate it for more than one. Miley is getting a little out of hand with her new fascination for wearing skimpy clothes and screaming about not being tamed. For the after AMA party, she rented a space so that she could invite "all of her friends," which I assume means Billy Ray Cyrus and his old mullet. Miley said that she and her mother love to have dance-offs and that they have several moves choreographed. She told Access Hollywood that "Everyone loves it when we dance in unison..." No, Miley, they don't.

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