Lindsay Lohan

David Tonnessen/

Lindsay Lohan's rehab treatment team reportedly believes that the war between Lindsay's parents has become a significant factor in the star's troubles. Sources say that if the animosity between Dina and Michael can't de toned down, it will jeopardize the actress' recovery, so her counselors are hoping to get them all together for a little family counseling. I didn't get my therapist degree; I was only one credit away from finishing when I got into an accident involving a Swiffer Wet Jet and a zucchini and was strong armed into dropping out. But I've gained some knowledge by simply being awake, and from what I can tell, having more than one Lohan parent in the room at any given time is only going to make Lindsay's situation worse. All it takes for me to drink straight from a bottle of Belvedere is knowing that those two are still out there.

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