Jamie Lynn Spears

Fame Pictures

According to Star Magazine, Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge have broken up again. A source told the magazine that "Jamie Lynn got fed up with Casey's immature behavior." The 19-year-old mother thought that her 21-year-old baby daddy had "changed" but apparently he still slacked off while she paid all of the bills and pleaded with him to get a real job. See: Levi Johnston. Casey's obsession with "cheap beer and his dorky high school pals" really got under Spears' skin. I don't know how much she can blame the guy. He is only 21 and I'm pretty sure when he decided to pork a Disney star he wasn't hoping it would result in pushing around a stroller. Luckily she's got aunt Britney to lean on during a crisis. Keep your chin up, Jamie Lynn, there's going to be another season of Dancing With the Stars and nobody promotes a teen mom like they do. See: Bristol Palin.

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