Dustin Diamond

Todd Williamson/WireImage.com

Some details are surfacing about Dustin Diamond's new "tell all" book about his Saved by the Bell days.  As I suspected, the most interesting thing about that show was when they would all hang out at the hamburger joint, because it sounds like very few "shocks" are revealed in the book.  Dustin said that if the characters were interested in each other in the story line, the actors that played them usually ending up hooking up off screen, too.  Thanks, Captain Obvious, that happens on every set.  Sometimes I even notice Josh Wolf and Chris Franjola checking each other out after a hot afternoon together on the round table.  The only thing the article that I read doesn't seem to mention is who Dustin Diamond hooked up with.  Sounds like somebody is just angry because he didn't get laid in high school…on-screen or off.