Tyra Banks

Warner Bros.

Tyra Banks recently sat down for an interview with Larry King.  If I wasn't already addicted to Lunesta, I would take a Larry/Tyra combo any night as a sleep aid.  The only thing that could make those two more boring would be if the interview took place on a split screen with paint drying on the other side of the TV.  Needless to say, I watched the entire thing because sometimes I like to torture myself.  It's my version of cutting.  King got to the most important topic, which was Tyra's recent 'day without a weave.'  She said she felt it was her "responsibility to show as much of my real hair as possible," and said removing her weave represented a political statement for black women.  No, it didn't. There's nothing political about a weave.  It's just fake hair.  Michelle Obama…that's a political statement for black women.  Tyra taking off her weave is just a statement of what Tyra looks like without a weave.  You can't take off your fake hair on national television and call it brave, unless of course you recently lost your real hair in a wildfire.