Demi Moore, Tallulah Belle Willis

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

There is quite a showdown happening between Perez Hilton and Demi Moore.  Perez posted a link to a photo of Demi and Bruce Willis 15-year-old daughter Tallulah wearing an outfit that showed some cleavage.  The link also included a photo of Tallulah in a pair of unnecessarily short shorts. Demi is claiming that Perez is a "pedophile" for posting the photo, which he didn't even take.  She lashed out at him via Twitter, like any responsible 40-something-year-old parent should. I think the person at fault here is Demi.  It's her responsibility as a parent to not let her 15-year-old daughter dress that way.  It's easily prevented, she just needs to stop letting Tallulah borrow her clothes.