Sienna Miller


Stars like Sienna Miller and Blake Lively, who have really good bodies, are joining the clan of lying women who claim that they don’t work out and that they eat whatever they want.  I am so sick and tired of celebrities saying sh-t like this…I know better.  Yes, you do work out.  No, you didn’t eat a pork burrito right before you did a bathing suit shoot.  You work out, you eat pretty well, and occasionally you go off on a combo meal deal at Johnny Rocket’s.   I have to torture myself by working out and eating as well as I can manage before I stab one of my writers over the last pecan bar on staff dessert day.  What is the point in pretending that you just happen to have a flawless figure but you eat like Louie Anderson?  Just tell the truth.  If I wasn’t on television, I’d be going through Kirstie Alley’s garbage trying to find the rest of a sheet cake she almost finished.