Kate Plus 8, Kate Gosselin

TLC/Clark McCarthy-Miller

Kate Gosselin sat down with Matt Lauer to discuss how she feels about her annoying reality show Kate Plus 8 finally coming to an end. Lauer wondered why Kate seemed "sad" since this actually might mean she can return her children to a normal life. You know, one where there isn't a camera crew in their kitchen. Kate explained that it's the "end of an era" and that it's how she's been "providing" for her family. Translation: She's worried she may have to get a job. Lauer also mentioned the recent statement her estranged husband Jon released, stating that he was relieved his little ones would finally be out of the limelight. Kate's bitchy response was that Jon accepts his children to have a "mediocre" life with parents having a "regular job." Apparently she doesn't realize that's how it's done by almost everyone else in the world. The last clip I saw of that show included her screaming at one of her kids for putting her "dirty hands" on a piece of pizza that was meant for Steve the bodyguard, who I'm convinced she's porking. Last season she yelled at one of the kids for being thirsty then guzzled water right in front of her parched little face. And I'm pretty sure that the television show is the reason those eight children have to go to two different houses for Christmas. I never thought I'd say this, but I like Jon Gosselin. Stay away from the Ed Hardy T-shirts and you have a fan, girl.

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