This Botched story is so shocking, it's making Dr. Terry Dubrow's "head explode."

On Tuesday's episode of Botched, patient Samantha meets with Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif to tell them how her previous gynecologist gave her a "discount" tummy tuck that left her with a "supa fupa."

"I started out with this giant cyst, so I had to have a hysterectomy," Samantha explains. "During the pre-op for that is when she discovered thyroid cancer."

Samantha continues, "I had lost a lot of belly fat and so she said, 'Well I can help you get rid of this at a discount while I'm down there.'"

"And so she was an OBGYN?" Dr. Dubrow asks.

"Yes she was," Samantha says.

"Did you have a discussion about the whole notion of a gynecologist doing plastic surgery on you?" Dr. Dubrow asks.

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"Well originally I told her, 'No.' But when she told me I had cancer, I changed my mind because I thought that was it for me," Samantha explains.

She then tells the doctors that she had the abdominal surgery first and then six weeks later the doctor performed the thyroid removal.

"That makes my head want to explode!" Dr. Dubrow says. "When I hear that a doctor would want to treat a cosmetic deformity before taking care of a new cancer diagnosis…that screams of greed."

Take a look at the clip above to see Samantha tell her botched story!

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