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    Brand New Sunday at 9e|6p
    Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?
    Chloe Wilde and Tyrone Edwards meet real-life California Dreamers
    Brand New Tuesday at 9e|6p
    Go behind the scenes with WWE's hottest female wrestlers!
    The stakes are high in the workforce for this 40-year-old woman. Watch full episodes online!
    Brand New Tuesdays at 9e|6p
    Go behind the scene of Cosmo with Joanna Coles & her team of trendsetters
    Series Premiere May 23 9e|6p
    There are average clubs, and then there's the Abbey!
    Brand New Sunday at 8e|5p
    Young, attractive "yachties" work hard for glamour. Watch full episodes online!
    Brand New Friday at 9e|6p
    A between the lines look at the story of Mary Stuart, better known as Mary, Queen of Scots.
    Series Premiere May 4 9e|6p
    It's not always easy being a second wife to a rich and famous man!
    Returns May 2 at 9e|6p
    The Fashion Police give their ruling on the latest red carpet looks!
    Brand New Monday 9e|6p
    Unravelling the stories behind Hollywood's most famous crashes
    Series Premiere April 30 10e|7p
    Young professionals live together in a beachfront house as they search for romance.

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