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Dear Ted:
You're the only one to trust out there (trust being a relative term, no offense). I heard Rob Pattinson was hanging out with Emma Watson after the BAFTAs. Is it true and is there more? Don't tell me Rob could really like a good girl—or is it the challenge? I mean, Emma is in a whole different class from the L.A. crowd (meaning Emma has some—class, that is).
Diana, Queens, N.Y.

Dear Wattinson:
Nothing serious there at all. You're right, Emma so would not be his type of gal. Like, it's laughable.

Dear Ted:
Your response to someone questioning the authenticity of your "sources": "Dear PR Train: Not when I personally know the people feeding me the Lopez info, no, I don't." Right, because the gossip of close, personal friends is always unfailingly reliable and 100 percent accurate? You may know them personally, but do they know Lopez personally? That's where you get a bit closer to the truth.

Dear Out of Towner:
I've met Lopez, but no, she's not a close friend. That's true. So, too, is the fact that she's bitched out some of my good buds—buds who are reliable, employed, don't drug and don't have agendas. Always the best kind of sources. Face it: Lopez is a screamer from the Bronx, period.

Dear Ted:
Love ya to death. I recall not so long ago you mentioning a "talented young man" who, shall we say, swings both ways, being found on his knees. Could that have been Chris Brown, who is having trouble as most young men and women do when they are not sure of their sexuality? It would only hurt more for Rihanna, being so in love as she is.

Dear Right Sentiments, Wrong Guy:
I believe you're talking about Oded Good-Head who, as much as it would give an explanation to things, is not Chris. Close, though. 

Dear Ted:
I absolutely love your blolumn and your sass! I hope all is well for you! I was curious though as to whether or not Brad Pitt and George Clooney are secret bi-lovers. c'mon you must admit that would be a pretty hot to picture! Also, is Brad still lusting after Jen? Something I read on one of our Canadian sites.

Dear Wishful Thinking:
Gay heads are exploding everywhere at the thought of those two guys as an item. Now that would be the couple to dethrone Brangelina. And no, Bradley is too whipped to be thinking about Aniston. He will, though, they always do, these dogs, come whimpering back, you know...

Dear Ted:
Love your blog, and I have to know, is the latest Kate and Owen reconciliation more of a showmance since they both seem to be taking some time off from acting, yet still want their names to be out there? What do you think?
Allie From Philly

Dear Stunt Couple:
I would be very surprised if they are actually together, considering how he treated her.

Dear Ted:
Jennifer Aniston
keeps harping on about how she's always wanted kids, but I'm guessing she'll never birth one herself (and ruin that bod that she's fought so hard to maintain). I'm betting that she'll go the adoption route eventually and never settle down with any dude in marriage. What's your take on this (if you care, that is)?
Bryn, Hartford, Conn.

Dear Mother Nature:
I don't see Jen as the very independent type. Can't imagine her raising a tot all by herself, and I don't think Courteney Cox is dying to take on another one. 

Dear Ted:
Usually, I believe most of the gossip that I read, but in regard to Chris Brown and Rihanna, I refuse to. It's just too surreal or he has an excellent publicist.

Dear Open Your Eyes:
Believe it honey, 'cause some major crap is going down. I don't necessarily think everything we're hearing is true, but certainly big pathetic portions are.

Dear Ted:
I'm new to your Awful Truth page but have been reading mobile E! Online for quite some time, and I gotta say you are one good-looking man! I feel like Elaine Bennes when she gets a crush on a man she is supposed to be a beard for! Hope you understand my Seinfeld analogy. Here's my question is PCC Megan Fox?

Dear Frail Fox:
PCC is older and has been around longer than deelish Megs. And much thanks by the way, you're a doll!

Dear Ted:
ABC seems notorious for cancelling good shows and leaving on junk, and even acquiring old junk! Is it just another example of idiots in positions of power or is there more (i.e., Pushing Daisies, Kyle XY)?

Dear Pushing Buttons:
I know Kristin agrees completely about Pushing Daisies. I never got into it, but bring it back!

Dear Ted:
Is Toothy Tile Luke Wilson? Would you tell me if he was?

Dear Brother Tile: 
No and yes.

Dear Ted:
Hope you are feeling better than you were in your last Truth, Lies & Ted. Has Chris Brown ever been a party in one of your Blind Vices? Blink twice if yes, three times if no, and four times if you just got some dust in your eye. Love,

Dear Repeat Offender:
Blinking three times. Shocking, too, 'cause everything gets out in this town. Particularly the stuff on the D.L.

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