Mischa Barton

Sipa via AP Images

Mischa Barton, in a crabby mood at LAX, waiting to get her much-anticipated ass (we're sure) out to NYC for Fashion Week. Meesh apparently stood in a huff 'cause her Continental flight was delayed, passing over her passport and filling out some report with a cop.

Did he want to see some ID? Did he not believe a celebrity would be wearing such a fugly fur coat? Did some bystanders bump her too much or what? Misch-hon then went over and schlumped down on the floor among the regular folks, reading, of all things, The Enquirer. Hoping to catch a glimpse of herself?

Mary-Kate wouldn't be caught dead doing that. Sorry, Barton, only Lohan would. Another former celebrity spotted was...

Wilmer Valderrama, acting on the set of a big Hollywood movie. You didn't actually believe that, didya? 'Course ya didn't, and good for you.

Wilmy was, in fact, partying with pals, this time in Miami's South Beach. W.V., and his posse of about 15 hangers-on chose hot spot Sushi Samba as their HQ for three nights in a row. On Monday, W.V. & Co. ate outside under the sun for all to see. And on Tuesday, the bunch of boys bashed at the restaurant's Cosplay party, staying longer than the locals—until almost 2 a.m. Lots of Japanese delicacies were consumed as well as lots of cocktails, natch. No wonder he and Linds dated for so long; they have so much in common. Another questionable gent dining in a much more elegant way was...

Larry Flynt, dining at Morton's Steakhouse, right across the street from Flynt Publications in Bev Hills. Lar made his presence known at the fancy steakery even before stepping out of his black Bentley—the license plate to his wheels read HUSTLER, and his driver opened the trunk and pulled out a wheelchair. Hmmm, wonder who else it coulda been? L.F. dined with about five other business types, preferring to eat with everyone else in the main dining hall instead of a VIP section. Flynt might have a lot of lusts, but the main one is definitely for attention.

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