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This Friday we welcome Friday Night Lights to the E! network. To get you revved and ready, we're starting our weekly FNL blog, The Morning After, today. Check back every Monday for your FNL fix.  Now, let's get into it...

Episode 4: Hello Goodbye

Dillon Panthers' record: 2 -1

Tim Riggins demeanour: Smouldering.

With the Panthers on a bye week, The Great QB Debate is the talk of the town.  J.D. McCoy is quickly gaining ground after Matt Saracen blew it in last week's loss.  After much consideration the Coach settled on splitting time in the upcoming game between his two young pivots, with Saracen's current confidence level at "fragile times one million."  There's no way Coach Taylor can platoon at quarterback all season, so we've got to think a decision will come after Friday's game.  I don't see this ending well for Saracen, but at least he's hooking up with the coach's daughter again.

When Coach T wasn't deciding the fate of Mr. Saracen, he was watching the Smash-man finally punch his ticket to Texas A&M. A great tryout won him a spot as a walk-on, but the future is far from certain for our once golden running-back/ice-cream salesman. His injury has slowed him down and taught him a bit about humility, which is never a bad thing. I got a bit misty when he had the heart to heart with Coach Taylor, then chucked the pig-skin around with his old chums before riding off into the sunset. A little modesty goes a long way. I hope they keep us posted on his progress in future episodes, and that when they do he's not acting like this.

I'm not really on Tyra's wavelength with her new cowboy b-f. Sure he's handsome, but Landry killed a dude for her. You'd think that would buy him at least a year in Tyra's good graces. I'm not condoning murder to win the affections of that special someone, but if you ever found yourself in such a situation you'd expect better than being lied to and then dumped for a beefcake rodeo stud named Cash. Whoever said life was fair never met Tyra Collette.

And where have you gone, Tim Riggins? Last seen bumbling along with your loser brother and almost blowing up your relationship with Lyla in episode 3, we got but one fleeting glimpse of your rugged, chiselled cheekbones and brooding grease-mop of hair in episode 4. I hope you're using this time to think about your behaviour, Mr. Riggins. Everyone's pulling for you. When Lyla asked that you not make her look foolish for taking a chance on you, she spoke for all of us. I know your brother's a thieving drunk with daddy issues, but he treats his fiancé right. Dare I say you could take a page from his book?

In other news: Tami Taylor finally lost the battle of the Jumbotron. The school still can't afford pencils but at least the football fans will get to see mid-game close-ups of Tim Riggins... Tami and Coach Taylor had another "Best Couple in the Universe" moment, discussing the QB decision over a cocktail and Tami telling the Coach how much she loves him... Jason Street has yet to appear, save for the constant references to J.D being "the next Jason Street." Is he a baby daddy? Does he still sell cars for Buddy Garrity? Will he punch Tim in the face again for making out with Lyla? Stay tuned...


The Great QB Debate
Who will Coach T settle on at quarterback?
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