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Believe it or not, Kate Hudson has bigger problems than the men she invites into her life (and bedroom). Being born Goldie Hawn's daughter was certainly a high point, followed closely by her Almost Famous Oscar nod. Since then?

Kate's talent has been pretty damn wasted on romantic comedies that any cognizant actress would know to avoid from a mile away. Of course, that's just a hot-air opinion from a blowhard goss columnist, but what the ef do you expect round these parts?

Sure, Bride Wars made a respectable $53 mil, but weighing that against a humiliating 12 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes certainly declares it a dud, of sorts.

So why is Kate in this not exactly enviable position? A superclose Hudson hanger-on tells us exactly why the starlet can't always zero in on a good project:

"Kate doesn't pick her own movies. Her team does," says our sassy-tongued inside K.H. source. Like agents, managers and boyfriends-do-jour, right? "Yep."

Doesn't Katie have any say in what roles she takes on? "A little bit, but they choose what they think is best for her. They've made a lot of wrong decisions."

Hmmm. Between Fool's Gold, You, Me and Dupree (moneymakers those may have been) My Best Friend's Girl, Raising Helen and Bride Wars—that's more than "a lot." That's some major career tinkering worthy of what mom's Private Benjamin might have come up with.

We're only uttering Katie's name here 'cause of her charm—and her high-profile bed buddies. K.H. should be grateful for both.

Gee, so Hudson's got others to blame for the wholly misogynistic Bride Wars? What's Anne Hathaway's excuse? And, yeah, 53 mil ain't bad, but look, it's not exactly getting Kate back to the Oscar corral, which is surely where a gal who was once deemed worthy of winning one should be. And if you're gonna do the whole chick-flick thing, stick to some fun The Devil Wears Prada-type nastiness, not this cinematic insult to women and weddings everywhere.

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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