Terminator: Salvation, Christian Bale

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Christian Bale's hissy fit has all of H'wood talkin', and some are coming to his defense, like Terminator assistant director Bruce Franklin. In no way do we think C.B.'s thirty-some F-bombs were an appropriate way of handling the sitch, but there's more info we'd like to have before completely blacklisting the Bat to Lifetime movies.

And the more we hear from C's mom, Jenny Bale, the more we see where some of his issues may come from:

Jenny said she was very "upset" listening to Christian's rant but hopes the public will now understand that "that is his temper"...and will see why she allegedly claimed he assault her last summer.

Multiple things wrong with this whole thing.

One, if she was so concerned for her boy, why give quotes to the press at all (remember, this is a woman who supposedly "shopped" around her side of the story last July). Maybe she should just be there for Christian, who clearly has issues. Two, if she does give an interview, why throw in that "but" part at all. It just makes her seem like she's almost happy everyone can start to see where she was coming from last year.

Back in 2006 when we chatted with Christian, he told us how his mom was originally concerned with the roles he was picking, but then saw American Psycho and "cried with laughter." Big ick.

We think Jenny needs to figure out when all of this "concern" is going to translate into acting like a mom and not giving press interviews just talking about her worries. The guy needs help fast, or his talent will be overlooked by his personal dramas.

This could be a great opportunity for relayshes to be mended since Christian's father, whom he told us was one of the most influential people in his life, is no longer around.

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