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Olivia Pope, what are you up to?

Scandal star Kerry Washington has just thrown all of Shondaland into a frenzy with one very exciting Instagram post that seems to indicate that, before the long-running political thriller signs off for good this spring, she'll be involved in a crossover with fellow TGIT series How to Get Away With Murder.

In the photo, Washington sits, dressed in full Liv Pope attire, on a bench in what is clearly the courthouse set of HTGAWM. "Hey Ms @violadavis check it out," she captioned the post. "This spot look familiar?! Where are you?"

So what exactly is going on here? Are we in for an epic meet-up between Liv and Viola Davis' Annalise Keating? Or could this just be an instance of Scandal using an available set on their studio lot? (Scandal and HTGAWM both film on the same lot in Los Angeles.)

Hey Ms @violadavis ?? check it out. This spot look familiar?! Where are you?

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Whatever's going on, the powers that be aren't talking. Reps for ABC and Shonda Rhimes' Shondaland shingle had no comment when asked about the photo.

However, shortly after Washington shared her photo, Davis one-upped her with a photo of her own, shot in front of Mellie's desk on Scandal's Oval Office set. "Hey @KerryWashington, guess where I am?!" she captioned the photo, in which she's clearly dressed in Annalise's finest. 

While offering little evidence to go off of other than the photos, Deadline is reporting that a crossover is "being plotted" between the two TGIT staples to air sometime later this season. 

Should the crossover come to be, it will mark the first time the current line-up has ever officially crossed over. In the past, Grey's Anatomy and spinoff Private Practice turned their crossovers into events, but given their interconnected nature, it was an organic given. In recent years, though, ABC has relied on its three leading TGIT ladies to promote the line-up together at publicity events and in fun promos.

What do you think is going on? Could we be in for a crossover of epic proportions or is this just the case of two stars having some fun with social media? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder return on Thursday, Jan. 18 at 9 and 10 p.m., respectively, on ABC.

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