Forget those CGI snakes on that motherfreakin' plane--Jackass: Number Two begins with a very real snake chowing down on Chris Pontius' motherfreakin' wiener, and your reaction to that bit of knowledge will likely determine how you feel about the rest of the movie.

The boys who made themselves famous playing dangerous pranks are looking older now and have even more tattoos, but they haven't gotten any smarter, thank God. Direct inspiration this time around comes from Beavis and Butt-head and Wile E. Coyote, to name but two of the most obvious, and viewers who may have been put off by the smarm of Bam Margera's Viva la Bam show will be glad to know that he gets his full karmic comeuppance with a prank that actually reduces him to tears.

References to the gang's other spinoff show, Wildboys, also abound, as Pontius and Steve-O mess around with leeches and hammerhead sharks, and just about everyone gets trampled by a bull at some point.

Some will call this movie a symptom of cultural decay, but if it is, who the hell wants to be cultured? There are some overproduced musical spoofs toward the end that don't quite work, but otherwise, there are more laughs--and dry heaves--to be found here than in any other movie of 2006.

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