Love him or hate him, Tom Brady is hands-down one of the most talented quarterbacks in the NFL.

Though there's no doubt that a lot of practice and hard work have gone into the success that's lead him to five Super Bowl rings, Brady admits his food intake is also a big part of it.

As you likely know, the quarterback maintains a very restricted and regimented diet, consisting of only "real" foods eaten at specific times of the day.

But it goes even beyond that.

Brady won't mix certain foods at the same time, and he even refuses to drink water with his meals so as to encourage better digestion.

In fact, he believes so strongly in his healthy eating and fitness habits that he's come up with his own philosophy about them and wrote a book, The TB 12 Method, which goes on sale Tuesday.

Upon digging a bit deeper into his daily eating habits, we were surprised by a lot of the rules and restrictions he maintains day in and day out—sometimes even shutting down the ideals of healthiness we've been following for years. 

Thus, we want to see if you can guess which foods Brady will and won't eat...

Launch the video above to give it a shot!

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