Writers' Strike

Hey, guys! We just returned from Hollywood Boulevard, where thousands of writers, actors, musicians and union supporters packed the streets and marched down seven city blocks to convene in front of historic Mann's Chinese Theater and Oscar central, the Kodak Theater.

In attendance were Sandra Oh (who spoke), Alicia Keys (who performed) and our Heroes Jack Coleman, Masi Oka, James Kyson Lee and Tim Kring, to name a few. Yeah, talk about a block party!

And of course, it was all for a very timely cause—to rally support for the striking members of the Writers Guild of America, which joins the AMPTP back at the negotiating table this Monday. 

"It's intense, it really is!" Masi told Korbi while making his way down the street amid a sea of red shirts with writers' union picket signs. "At the same time, it's like a reunion. I've run into people I haven't seen in 10 years. But hopefully [the strike] will end soon. Especially for the crew. It needs to end for their sake."

And how! 

In the meantime, good news for Heroes fans: I bumped into Kring as he beelined to his car after the event, and he told me that even though there are only two episodes left, the last episode written before the strike (number 11) is "very much like a finale. Some huge stuff happens. You just wait."

Okay, but I want more. AMPTP, work it out, will ya? Thanks. Love, KDS.

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