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Which boy is the best boy?

Only you can answer that question by continuing to vote in our poll, which will eventually determine the most loved actor on TV. Currently, Outlander's Sam Heughan has amassed the most votes by far, meaning he could win a third year in a row, but at this point, it's still anyone's game. Seriously! Anyone could win! 

This time, it's every man for himself as we'll only be taking the top eight to the next round. That means your vote is extra important, because just one vote could be the difference between making it and losing out on round four. 

So whether he be a pirate, a Scotsman, a king, a Shadowhunter, a loner, a monster hunter, an angel, an alien, a vigilante, a vampire, a Gallagher (or Gallagher lover), an apocalypse survivor, or the best friend of a teen wolf, he needs your help. 

The poll is closed. Thanks for voting!

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