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It's here, it's here! Emmy week is here! And to celebrate the start of the best week of the year for us TV fans, I have three things to share with you:

1. Pinch Me!  Along with E!'s red carpet, heavy-hitting hosts Ryan Seacrest (you know, the guy who's hosting the whole freaking ceremony!) and my girl Giuliana Rancic (just back from her fairy-tale wedding in Italy), I am thrilled (oh, let's face it—giddy) to tell you that this year I'll be helping out as a cohost for E!'s Live from the Red Carpet Emmy show, after Ryan makes his way into the Shrine Auditorium. You will watch, won't you? Pretty please, with Katherine Heigl or Milo Ventimiglia on top (or bottom, if that's the way you like it)? I could sure use my beloved tubers' support, so please mark your calendar: Live from the Red Carpet airs this Sunday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

2. Game on, Be-yotches!  As you can see in this week's Vine Show (above), I'm unveiling our first Emmy Prediction Smackdown, where I will go up against the industry's most formidable Emmy expert: You. Yes, this is your chance to finally show the world how much more smartererer you are than E!'s bobble-headed TV Diva.

Keep reading to find out how...

In the clip above, you can get my Emmy predictions for the big six categories. And then it is your turn to weigh in—just scroll on down to the Emmy Prediction Smackdown poll below and vote for who you think will win. You also get to vote for what my penance will be if you get more right than I do! (Be gentle!)

3. The Big Emmy Blog Is Up!  Check it out on E! Online's Emmy page, where we'll be unveiling a more in-depth version of my predictions every day this week, plus lots more Emmy goodies all week long.

Now get to voting! And choose your predictions carefully—or not, 'cause mama sure would like a lifetime supply of Turtle Wax! Whee!