The Internet misses nothing. 

As the 2017 Oscars were underway Sunday night, a few devoted fans were paying just enough attention to catch the moments bound for viral fame. 

From Justin Timberlake's photobombs and Ryan Gosling's mysterious whispers to Moonlight's surprise win in the final moments of the show, there was plenty of material for the Internet's comedians to sink their teeth into—and they certainly did. 

Not to mention, Kimmel brought in a bus full of unsuspecting tourists and dropped them in the middle of the Oscars. If that isn't Internet gold, we don't know what is. 

Without further ado, prepare to laugh: 


Why am I not sitting next to Taraji P Henson at the #oscars right now?!

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Sure, sis, sure.

Well that was awkward. #eredcarpet #oscars @enews

A post shared by BETCHES (@betches) on

Play it cool. 

Pass that torch, Steve. 

Jk jk

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"A piece for Emma Stone, a partial Spring Fling Queen."

"This is not a joke."

I won't tell if you won't tell. 

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