Russell Crowe, Christian Bale

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images; Mike Marsland/Getty Images

"If he just got a personality transplant, he'd be fine."

The above quote from a very good friend to both Christian Bale and Russell Crowe describes which über-talented hothead? First guess has to be Bale, what with his instantly notorious Terminator meltdown.

But first, gotta tell ya, there's a new kind of crazy in town. Crowe, who next stars as some sort of tights-bulging Robin Hood type, has sure had his experience with film nuttiness, and now Bale's taking the potty-mouthed cake.

Did you hear that crap C.B. spewed at the dude who walked in on his film scene? Here, listen (NSFW and such):

First off, it was Crowe, surprisingly enough, whose friends are telling me his pissy ways are doing the boy in faster. At least R.C.'s remaining buds think this. Meanwhile, some of Bale's pals have come to his defense. They say even though Christian's working habits are inexcusable and lame ("I know, you can't interrupt [Bale's] craft and process, God forbid!" says one Bale hanger-on), he "cannot be nicer," especially to strangers, insist some of Bale's amigos.

Guess you're just outta luck if you're the guy's mother-in-law?

See, last summer, during Christian's alleged smackdown with his family, we took a trip down interview lane where Bale himself admitted to us that he has a problem getting too into his roles. Uh, well that isn't too healthy when his roles require losing 63 pounds for The Machinist or playing Patrick in American Psycho. It's a wonder Bale remained stable in public this long.

On the flip side, Russell Crowe may have taken a violent hiatus by keeping his phone manners under wraps as of late, but the way he's taking it out on his body is by no means healthy either.

So maybe it's not physical at all (corpulence for Russ, toothpick status for Chris), but rather mental hang-ups with these guys? Obviously. We're just gonna go with our insider who knows them best and say, even though it looks like Christian's winning the meltdown wars for now, Crowe will be back. Badder than ever.

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