Tommy Lee

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/

Some air jockeys have God as their copilot. But one unlucky dude chose Tommy Lee, and the results weren't exactly auspicious.

The Mötley Crüe man and a buddy were tooling around the Southern California skies in a helicopter Sunday morning when they allegedly decided to do the aerial equivalent of donuts in front a police chopper.

"[The pilot] was flying rather erratically, and he did get close to one of our helicopters,'' said LAPD Officer Karen Smith. "The tower over the area was concerned about his flying, too."

Faster than you could say Dr. Feelgood, the high-flying duo was forced to land at the closest airport. Lee's pilot pal, whose identity was not immediately revealed, was then hauled in to the LAPD's Van Nuys station, given a breath test and released without charge, pending the results. (Per TMZ, the pilot claimed he had a drink after landing.)

As for Lee, who was riding shotgun, "he had nothing to do with the situation, so he was just released," Smith said.

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