Keke Palmer knows just how to brighten travelers' spirits for the holidays!

The Scream Queens star decided to surprise people who were waiting at a train station by performing a festive flash mob right in the middle of them.

Wearing gold pants and a red and white, spirited jacket, Palmer brought in a boom box and pressed play before diving into some hip-hop choreography to "JoY to the World."

As she continues in the performance, more and more dancers begin to join her until, eventually, they have a whole crew dancing to the beat and bringing smiles to everyone's faces who were there to catch it all.

As the flash mob comes to an end, the group invites a bunch of little kids to come dance with them, giving them gifts to take home in the spirit of the holidays.

"It changes the whole mood. I mean, you're not expecting anything and then all of a sudden you're clapping and going along with everything," one by-stander described of the surprising moment. "The Christmas spirit—you feel it!"

Speaking of the holiday spirit, if you're needing a little extra right now (we know how shopping and wrapping and traveling can get!), check out this Charlie Brown Christmas-themed flash mob from a few years ago and try not to smile!

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