Amy Winehouse


Turns out Amy Winehouse isn't the only one who's no good.

The singer's relaxing vacation got a big dose of stress yesterday, when her London apartment was ransacked and thieves relieved her of roughly $21,000 worth of property, including pricy recording equipment, a flat-screen TV and five supposedly irreplaceable guitars.

Metropolitan Police were called to the Grammy winner's Camden pad at roughly 4 a.m. Thursday when one of Winehouse's neighbors alerted them to a disturbance at the vacationer's vacated property.

While the scat cat's away...

According to police, the burglars, believed to be two men, gained entry into the home by kicking in the padlock on Winehouse's door. Some of the items have already been recovered after being found dumped on the street, and the investigation is ongoing.

"No arrests have been made, and our enquiries continue," a police spokesman said. "The premises were secured and are now being forensically examined. The property was unoccupied."

Winehouse's rep told Britain's Press Association that the singer has already been informed of the break-in and that while she was disappointed by the loss, she was somewhat comforted by the fact that her favorite guitar was with her in the Caribbean and therefore safe from the sticky-fingered bandits.

The British media, meanwhile, are reporting that the 25-year-old is set to return to the U.K. this weekend after a more than monthlong, exceedingly well-chronicled stay in St. Lucia.

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