Joaquin Phoenix

Jacob Andrzejczak/Getty Images

•  The winner of the facial hair portion of the Miss America pageant is…Miss Kentucky, Joaquin Phoenix!

•  Whoa! What did Hilary Duff ever do to Faye Dunaway? Supposedly the elder actress doesn't think the erstwhile Lizzie McGuire is fit to fill her shoes in a Bonnie & Clyde remake.

•  Twilight fans: Privileged star Lucy Hale looks quite a bit more like New Moon's description of the brunette Jane than Dakota Fanning, does she not?

•  Breaking news! Jennifer Garner gets her ears pierced.

•  Sorry gentlemen. Looks like Megan Fox may not be taking Angelina Jolie's place as Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider movies after all.

•  Dear Caitlin Crosby: We're not quite sure who you are or how this happened, but thanks for your adorable video, which brings together some of our favorite cuties, including Zachary Levi from Chuck, Jesse Spencer from House and Robert Hoffman from Step Up 2 the Streets. Nice work. We'll have our eye on you from now on. Love, Rise 'n' Shine

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