Britney Spears

If Britney Spears gains any more confidence, the next shot we see of her could very well be topless.

The pop star proudly (and rightfully so!) posted this picture on her blog in which she's sporting a bikini top during rehearsals for her upcoming world tour, which kicks off March 3 in New Orleans.

The new photo comes on the heels of an earlier shot showing Brit's fab abs in a cutoff tee.

And Brit's not the only one sweating the comeback trail. A source tells E! News, “When Britney got a new choreographer, she held new tryouts [for her dancers]. Right after New Year's break everyone was told they had to try out again."

We hear ya, Brit. Why should you be the only one avoiding the holiday pounds to maintain your fine dancing form?

—Additional reporting by Whitney English

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