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Lost returns tonight, and to get you ready, we've brought spoilers straight from the source!

Yes, Lost executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse kindly agreed to a round of False; True; Hell No, We Won't Tell You, and they addressed all your burning Q's about season five, including, of course, what's in store for Sawyer.

(Sawyer, in case you've never heard of him, is gratuitously pictured shirtless in the image on the left. We take advantage where we can.)

With whom will James Ford be experiencing some "romantic tension"? And what about that secret Sawyer whispered in Kate's ear in last year's finale?

We know the truth, and we're spilling...

If you've never played this game with us before, the rules are these: We suggest a potential spoiler, and the show runners answer "False," "True" or "Hell no, we won't tell you."

We'll find out what Sawyer told Kate in the first half of the season.
Carlton Cuse: True.

There's some kind of romantic tension between Sawyer and Juliet.
Damon Lindelof: True.

Mrs. Hawking is related to someone we already know.
D.L.: Hell no, we won't tell you!
C.C.: True.
D.L.: Carlton!

Christian took Claire into the cabin to protect her from the impact of the time-jumping Island.
C.C.: Wow. I think that's a hell no.
D.L.: That's a hell no.

OK. Ben really cannot go back to Island.
D.L.: Um, false.

Someone in the Oceanic Six will die.
D.L.: Hell no, we cannot tell.

OK, Locke can escape death somehow.
D.L.: He looks pretty dead to me.

Are you guys excited for tonight's "Jughead"? Post in the comments!

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