Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner

Pedro Andrade,

Now that the SAG Awards are over, I'd like to say two more things about all the Obama hoopla last week.

First, I'm pissed at myself—for not completely congratulating our new Mr. President on his historic achievement. It's stunning and absolutely right on that he's taken office. And it was hideous that Prop 8 happened at the same time and diffused the fab occurrence that is Obama's presidency.

Who cares that Michelle needs better dressing tips? Barack's gonna change the country, woo-hoo!

Oh, and here's my other bitch 'bout last week: Jennifer Garner.

Very connected friend of mine, who had earlier been hobnobbing with the prez and vice prez, ran into Ms. G at one of the balls (got some more post-Inaugural juice later today), and here's her quote: "She makes Sarah Palin at her snarkiest seem like Glenda the Good Witch. I swear, people with dimples think that the world should bow down or something."

OK, all you Garner fans, I'm just the conveyor of gossipy info here, but obviously, others have had the same chilly Jen reaction I've encountered—all I'm sayin'.

Along with my D.C. insider's parting words on Jen's handsome hubby, Ben Affleck: "I passed by Ben twice, once on Monday night outside of the Green Ball and once on Tuesday at the Neighborhood Ball, and both times he was mobbed by young ladies. And he didn't look the least bit uncomfortable."

Again, babes, I's only the messenger!

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